3 Things to Think About Before You Start a Renovation

New Year, new renovation? Designers Nike Onile and Brenda Danso have tips on what you need to know before you even start renovating.

What’s the first thing to think about before starting a reno? 

To start you always want to look at your layout. Consider the flow of the room and the access points. When starting a new reno, it is always imperative to take into account these factors before you start.

Firstly, take a site measure of the space you’re working with: walls, ceiling height, windows, doors, etc. Measure twice if you can, keeping your measurements and a measuring tape at hand as you shop so you ensure everything works in the space. If you only have 3 feet between your wall and window- then you shouldn’t bring in a cabinet that’s 4 feet wide and will block part of your window! 

How do you start looking at furniture? 

Consider your needs and add functional items first (larger furniture) bed, sofa, dining table. Although you may have your wish-list, you have to take into account the architectural design of the space; walls, ceiling, windows, doors and how this affects your space planning.

Also, plan your budget and then shop items- not the other way around! When shopping for items, consider your lifestyle and how you are going to use the space. This will determine the feel of the space; sleek and minimal or cozy and embracing? 

Is there a way to avoid clutter? 

When starting from scratch it makes things a lot easier, but you will also want to take inventory of what will be coming with you to your new space before shopping to know what you need to incorporate into your new home. All items that don’t make the list can be donated or recycled.

BUT! Don’t forget to leave a budget for finishing touches. The wow factor comes from the final details, so make sure you remember to account for unique items, art, pillows, and curated pieces that breathe life into the space.

Final tip

Don’t rush your reno! Live in your space for some time before purchasing any new items. This will give you a wealth of information on how the space will function best for you, not to mention taking your time finding the right pieces that speak to you. It took me almost 8 months to find the right coffee table and now that it is in my home it feels all the more like home!