How To Effectively Design A Small Bedroom

Make the most of your small space!

Let’s incorporate the Benjamin Moore colour of the year, into a small space bedroom! Bringing October Mist into any bedroom produces a beautiful calmness. There is something to be said about the colour October Mist as it’s calming but also reinvigoration, making it a perfect colour for 2022. Here are our top tips to experiment with October Mist this year. These simple steps will allow you to DIY and renovate your bedroom.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Colour! 

  • When you are in small spaces I like to keep them airy and open.
  • October Mist is a great colour to add to your bedroom because the colour is so calming.
  • Experiment with sheets, duvet covers, shams, or even the wall colour.
  • In this bedroom, I used October Mist as an accent with the bedsheets so that you can always change the sheets if you want to incorporate different colours.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Dealing with Small Bedrooms 

  • Keep it simple, don’t clutter the space up.
  • Don’t be scared to try a minimal style for your bedroom.
  • Storage beds are great for maximizing the space you have.

  • Find narrow, airy nightstands.
  • Mix it up and have two different ones for a modern look.
  • Side tables are also a great way to save space, I love a mobile side table that swings around for wear you need it.


  • Use a tall headboard that draws the eye up.
  • Also, keep in mind the height of the headboard, I like my headboard to be around 54-60″. high or else it can overpower a small space.
  • For headboards that are textured it might be a good idea to purchase a lint roller.


  • Use wall sconces to save table space.
  • Make sure you put them at a comfortable height for when you are sitting in bed, not eye level standing up or else they will be too high.
  • White linen shades add a soft, soothing glow.