Get Radiant Skin Even During the Harshest Winter Days

The weather may be dry but your skin doesn't have to be!

We all know that winter weather can make our skin dry, flaky, and uncomfortable. When our skin is in that state, applying makeup becomes a bit more challenging, so Anne Zimmermann is here with her expert tips to help our winter-ravaged skin get more gorgeous and glowy this season.

Start with skincare

We can’t talk about glowing skin without addressing winter dry skin. Dry, cold air and even more drying indoor heat have left our skin looking dull. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer onto the skin after the shower when the skin is still damp. Massage the product to boost skin natural glow.

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Try a skin treatment

Speaking of skincare, sometimes we need the help of the pros to get our dewy back. Celebs have been using JetPeel facials to get that red carpet ready glow. The machine turns specifically targeted solutions into a fine mist and that is able to penetrate
the skin at a deeper level traveling at subsonic speed!

Modify your makeup

Stay away from matte and powdery textures that would highlight your flaky skin, instead use a cream base, and sticks that glide into the skin and add moisture.

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