How Everyone Can Find Their Perfect Pair of Pants

If I’m waking up and choosing pants…they better be good!

Pants have really come a long way in the last few years. Comfort is our highest priority. Here are some of the trendiest styles to add to your wardrobe this season.

The Classic

These pants offer a narrow leg, they’re not skinny, they have pockets, and feature a non-stretch woven fabric. This style is flattering on any body type!

The Transitional Pant

This style has no pockets, offers belt loops, and sports a wider thigh and calf. They offer a straight-leg fit. These are great for someone who is pear-shaped, curvy, has a thicker waist, has heavier legs, but who loves straighter pants. Looks great with tucked-in tops. This look pairs well with a variety of shoes!

The Fluid Pant

This pant is drapey and generally dressy, but the pattern makes them more playful. The thigh is a bit more generous with one pleat and a self-belt. The weight is perfect for dress and pant combos. Wear them slightly longer than the ankle and with a heel or an open sandal. These are great for most body shapes.

The Wide Leg, Pleated Pant

These are double pleated, very wide-legged pants. The non-stretch fabric allows for little to no give . In order for the pleats to sit flat, often sizing up works for this look. Tucking tops into the waistband will generally fill in the waist, belting can pull it in too, or even tailoring. These pants flatter hourglass, straight, curvy or pear shape body shapes well.

The Cropped, wide leg, knit pant

This pull-in shape has become a favourite for most women over the last several years. They are cropped, and wide and should hit between the ankle and the calf. That length makes the leg look longer. The center-exterior seam gives the leg structure Wear these pants with casual, chunkier loafers, sneakers. Every body shape can rock these pants.

The Skinny Flare

This pull-on pattered version is the season’s it pant. The thigh is skinny by the knit offers a bit of give. The repetitive pattern and dark background conceal a less-than-perfect thigh. The sewn-down hem adds structure to the knit fabric. A longer top looks best with this shape, covering the top third of the leg, and emphasizing the flare. The flare balances out your hips Wear these long over a heeled slide or a platform shoe. Hourglass and straight figures will look great in this shape