Buddha’s Delight

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this recipe

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Chef Nick Liu family recipe for the classic Buddha’s Delight. Start the new year right with this nourishing meal.

“This is to cleanse the body.”



Tip – plan ahead when making this dish. You will have to pre soak all of the dry ingredients.

  • Combine all sauce ingredients together and mix well. Put aside until needed.
  • Drain rehydrated bean thread noodles and rinse under cold water. Using scissors, cut the bundle of noodles in half. 
  • Mix ginger, garlic and green onions together in a small bowl.
  • In a wok or large pan, heat oil until lightly smoking.
  • Add ginger/garlic/scallion mix and sauté for 10 seconds, add napa cabbage and celtuce. Season with salt and stir fry for 2 minutes. 
  • Add mushrooms, tofu puffs, and bean curd stick, season with salt and stir fry until slightly coloured, 3-4 minutes. 
  • Add bean thread noodles and cook, tossing and stirring, for 1 minute. 

Tip – keep your pan moving after adding noodles. Noodles will want to stick to the pan until you add sauce. 

  • Remix sauce before adding to wok and sauté while stirring to coat ingredients, cook until sauce thickens and the noodles and tofu puffs have absorbed some of the liquid, 2-3 minutes.

Transfer to a serving plate and enjoy!