Thai khao soi

Take your tastebuds on a flavour-filled trip through Thailand!

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing all the that Thailand has to offer? Well, one of the best ways to experience a country’s culture is through its food. Here to help you do just that is chef Nick Liu with a flavour-filled recipe for khao soi—a hearty Thai coconut curry soup.

This simple recipe combines thrilling flavours with fresh ingredients to create a delectable dish that is sure to have you planning your Thai food tour in no time at all!



  1. Separate out 1/4 of the noodles (enough noodles to make a crispy fried-noodle topping for 4 bowls) and set the remaining noodles aside. Heat canola oil in a wok or pot over high heat until simmering. Fry noodles in batches, stirring and flipping until golden brown and crispy. Transfer to a paper towel-lined sheet tray and season with salt. Set aside until assembly. (You can make this recipe a quick and simple recipe if you omit this step. But you will also be omitting one of the best elements of this dish)
  2. Heat coconut oil in a pot on medium high heat. Add both curry pastes and the ginger and sauté while stirring for 1-3 minutes until fragrant. Add coconut cream, chicken stock, palm sugar, and fish sauce and bring up to a boil. Add the chicken legs and bring down to a simmer. Cook chicken for 30 minutes. (Something to try: at the start of this recipe you can make your own coconut oil by heating an additional 1 cup of coconut cream (the rest of the can) and reducing it until it splits. Then proceed with the rest of the recipe as written. This is the traditional way to start a Khao Soi)
  3. Bring a separate pot of salted water to a boil. Add egg noodles and cook until al dente, about 1-3 minute. Drain noodles and divide between four warmed bowls. (Tip: you can also use dry noodles for this recipe. Follow the package instructions)


  1. When chicken is cooked, place one drumstick on top of the noodles in each bowl. Ladle hot broth over the chicken and noodles. Add enough broth to completely cover noodles.
  2. Top with fried noodles and coriander leaves. Serve immediately with lime wedges, shallots, and chilli and enjoy!