Homemade tomato sauce

'tis the season for tomato sauce with Chef Randy and Frank

1 hr
great pot, strainer

’tis the season for tomato sauce. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro, these two have all the tips and tricks. Frank & Randy, where do we start?

When to Keep the Skin on

  • In a salad, or sandwich: the skin is what helps them stay together
  • Slow roasting; if you remove the skin, they’ll melt away


Canning vs Freezing

  • Freezing – faster, no cooking, good for small batches
  • Canning – *may* keeper fresher taste, big batches a must




  1. In a large pot simmer tomatoes
  2. In a small pot roast garlic in olive oil until golden
  3. Strain oil into tomatoes add basil and salt, reduce until sauce like consistency