The 20-minute ab sculpting workout

Power up your balance and stability with these core strengthening exercises.

This intense high-impact routine will give you the killer abs that you have been dreaming about. To get the most out of this workout, complete all five exercises in a row with minimal rest in between. Then repeat the whole sequence for three more times. Use modifications to suit your own body if needed. Here comes the first move…


Hollow Rock – 1 min

  • Lying on your back with your arms stretched out in line with your ears
  • Engage your core and elevate into a crunched position with legs arms upper back off the ground.
  • Rock like a boat in water without changing position of your limbs
  • Modify by bending your knees for an easier variation


Partial Get Up – 1 min

  • Lying on your back with hour left knee bent and left foot on the ground (other leg straight and on the ground)
  • With right arm extended straight towards ceiling, engage core and sit up (keep straight) to a fully seated position with right arm still extended towards the ceiling
  • Modify by using left hand on the ground to assist


Dumbbell (or Kettle Bell) Pull Thru – 1 min

  • Start in a plank position on your forearms with a dumbbell beside your right shoulder
  • Keep feet wider than shoulder with position
  • With your left hand reach under your chest and pull the dumbbell through so it ends up beside your left shoulder
  • Return both forearms on the ground
  • Repeat by pulling with your right hand


Dynamic Oblique Plank – 30 sec/side

  • In a side plank position (sideways on your forearm and outer edge of your bottom foot in contact with the ground)
  • Keep core engaged and hips as high from floor as possible
  • Lift the upper leg away from the lower leg while drawing the knee toward your chest
  • Return leg back to starting position and repeat (30 sec/side)
  • Modify by planking on your knees and lower leg with knees bent at 90 degrees


Cardio Blowout – 1 min

  • In a hand plank position with hands and feet shoulder width apart
  • Keeping your core engaged, jump feet quickly away from each other and back together while maintaining level, stable hips