9 Steps To Success For The Cityline Weight Loss Challenge

Get all the tips and resources you need to start your own Cityline Weight Loss Challenge binder to track your progress to healthy weight loss.


Below you will find 9 simple steps to getting started. I suggest starting a Cityline Weight Loss Challenge binder in order to track your progress, to food journal regularly and to keep on top of our latest meal plans and recipes posted. If you would like to track your food online –you can always download my app called Food Trakker available in your app store.

The 9 Simple Steps To Getting Started Include:

  1. Print off your ‘why’ sheetPrior to beginning any new venture, I highly suggest tapping into “why” you want to make a change. Simply fill out your “why” sheet and put it as the first page of your binder. This will help keep motivation high and will help you reach your end goal. Check back and re-read your “why” sheet for a little inspiration. Click here to print off your why sheet.
  1. Take your initial measurementsPrior to starting the program, read the instructions on the Dr. Joey measurement sheet and take your measurements and your weight in pounds or kg (whichever you prefer). Make sure to weigh yourself on the same scale at the same time each day. For measurements, there are instructions on how to take all 3 measurements – 1) waist, 2) hips and 3) chest. Keep in mind, for every 5 pounds you lose, you should lose approximately an inch around your waist, hips and chest.  Every 10 pounds you lose – you will be down a full size!
  1. Take your ‘before’ pictureEven after all these years, I am amazed by the health transformations I witness from my clients and the Cityline viewers who have reached out to us. You will soon be amazed at how good you feel and how different you look in just 4 short months! Feel free to send your before and after shots to me at drjoey@drjoey.com so we can share them on the show!
  1. Print off the Cityline weight loss summary program sheetThis sheet is your “need to know” for program guidelines. I highly recommend printing off this sheet and having it handy to refer to at any time.
  1. Print off your success tracker sheet for weekly monitoringYour weekly success tracker sheet will assist you in monitoring your progress in pounds and inches. And remember, if you do hit a week where you do not lose (or even gain a pound!) – do not throw in the towel. Weight loss does not always happen in a straight line. As long as the needle on the scale is moving in the right direction (approximately 2 pounds per week) – you are doing great! Please weigh yourself 1x per week only at the same time of day and take your measurements every 2 weeks.
  1. Print off your food journal for 30 daysThe research is clear – those who food journal will have more success in weight loss. I find writing your food down as the day goes is easiest (and you can pop your food journal into your purse or even track on your phone if you prefer. My app for food tracking is called Food Trakker). Do not avoid food journaling on your indulgent days – it is important to write down everything you eat! The food journal is designed for 30 days at a time so you can download multiple times during the months we are working together.
  2.  Utilize all meal plans and recipes posted—My team and I have been working diligently behind the scenes to create new meal plans and recipes for 2018. From the top snacks to boost metabolism to my favorite grain free dinners – these recipes are easy, delicious and will become regulars in your repertoire. All meal plans and recipes will help you feel satisfied, nourished and will help you reach your target weight.  If you have developed recipes that work for you and are compliant with the program  – please share them with the group on Facebook!
  3. Join me on Facebook and for live chats monthly—Each month, I will be hosting live chats to answer all of your questions. Be sure to keep checking www.cityline.tv for more details.
  4. Lastly, watch out for the articles I will be posting on mindful eating—These extra little steps and practices will not only help you hit your goal weight, they will ensure that you keep your weight off for life!

7 printable resources: 

  1. Your Personal ‘Why’ Sheet
  2. Your Measurement Instruction Sheet
  3. 30-Day Food Journal
  4. Success Tracker Sheet
  5. Meal Plans
  6. Your WLC Grocery List
  7. Program Summary Sheet

Click links to download printable PDFs.