5 Ways Your Bed Décor Can Give You A Good Night’s Sleep

A cozy night’s sleep depends on how you make your bed. Sarah Gunn brings us the pretty and the practical. 

We all get into bed at night – but, how easy is it for you to fall asleep? Let your surroundings help you in this process with this guide to bed basics.

Heated Mattress Pad

When we think of making a warm and cozy bed, we usually focus on what goes over you, but you can heat from below using a heated mattress pad. They are available in sizes from twin to king. Look for one, like this Beautyrest, that has adjustable heat settings, automatic shut off, is machine washable and that wraps around your mattress.

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Swap your sheets for flannel – the layers closest to your skin will make all the difference. These materials feel warmer against the skin much faster. For a little added relaxation, add a drop of lavender to your pillow case.

Another amazing trick used by hotels to trap warmth is to try triple sheeting. Add a thin blanket or quilt between two layers of sheets to add insulation and trap heat. You could even tuck a heated blanket or heating pad in there on really cold nights.


Layer with a duvet. Down alternatives are often hypoallergenic and less expensive, but if you want lightweight with your warmth, down is the way to go. Look for the duvet’s fill power on the packaging. It’s a measurement of the down’s fluffiness and insulation quality. The better the quality, the higher the fill power and the thicker and more insulating. For winter, look for a fill power of 600 or more. If you like a lot of weight when you sleep, add a weighted blanket. Just make sure to get the correct weight for you. The general rule is to choose one that is 10% of your body weight.


Pillows are another important factor in creating a cozy night’s sleep. Under that flannel or bamboo pillowcase, look for a customizable pillow that works for the way you sleep. I am a huge fan of water pillows and Endy pillows for exactly that reason. With a water pillow, you add water to the desired firmness. And the Endy pillows have an inner layer of memory foam filling that you can remove.

Now for the Pretty….

Add comfort and warmth to your bed styling too. I love layering a beautiful throw blanket across the bottom of a bed. The texture and colours add a cozy feel. Layer in faux fur or textured pillows.