6 Ways To Make A Statement With Your Accessories

Lift your spirits and break out of the winter doldrums in style.

Even if it’s just to wear around the house, or to make the grocery store your runway… accessories are everything! Stylist Mosha Lundström Halbert shows you how.

1. Practical Magic:

A low heel in a novelty material and finish is a great way to satisfy our desire for a little glamour with the reality that our feet are out of stiletto shape. Look for heel heights that are 2.5 inches and under, the blockier the better. To keep this style from feeling dowdy and like you should be wearing nude pantyhose while doing a royal wave, look for a slingback shape to show a little ankle. A cap toe also keeps things uber flattering.

2. Text It:

We’re all crazing cozy creature comforts right now, and that extends to our shoes. Look for textural materials unexpectedly used on the uppers of footwear, such as boucle, chenille, wool, shearling, and mohair. There is something so “hygge” and appealing about super soft and tactile fabrics being used on refined shoe shapes. Consider it a step-up from slippers.

3. Sparkle Joy:

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Same here. But let’s be honest, nothing is quite as mood-lifting, perspective-shifting, or curve-enhancing as a great pair of bejewelled heels. Even if just to give you something pretty to look at as we dream about all the places we’ll go when the pandemic is over, or to wear around the house to spice up the dinner hour.

4. Sneaker Fever:

Sneakers are like vitamins – you need multiples for your health. From hiking-ready styles, to at-home workout kicks, to a classic retro runner, you want to make sure you have the right shoes to motivate you to keep it moving.

5. Lift-off Boots:

A thick-soled, pull-on boot is the only style you need right now. It’s clean, it’s practical, a bit punk, and gives you just the right amount of height and stomp.

6. What’s new in bags:

The pouch, the mini-bag, and the belt-bag. Most of us are no longer required to carry our lives around in our handbags. These three shapes are more of an accessory than a carry-all, and add a playful touch to every look.