What To Know If You're Considering Installing A Hot Tub

Here's what to know, before taking the plunge.

Hot tub and spa sales have exploded during the pandemic, and with good reason. Having a little sanctuary in your backyard can be an invaluable escape during this time of isolation. If you’re thinking of pulling the trigger on a hot tub, here are a few things for you to consider.

#1: Hot Tubs are Pricey

The cost of hot tubs can surprise many. It’s important to consider how often you’ll use the tub before buying, but for some people, the price is more than worth the luxury.

#2: Maintenance is Important

In order to protect your investment in the hot tub, regular maintenance is a must. An average year of maintenance can cost (AVG YEARLY COST). 

#3: Keep Your Health in Mind

From soothing muscles to reducing stress, hot tubs can provide some great health benefits. They can also be a bit dangerous if you’re not careful though, so here are a few things ton keep in mind:

  • Keep a spot for towels near the tub to reduce your exposure to the cold
  • Beware of wind chill – if it’s very cold, maybe wear a hat in the tub
  • Turn off the jets if they aren’t in use
  • Beware of icicles above or around the tub
  • Set a timer
  • Stay hydrated – long exposure to heat can really dehydrate you
  • Let someone know you’re in the tub – if you fall asleep or have a problem, it’s important to have someone who will check on you