5 Unique Treats To Indulge In From Across Canada

If you’re looking to switch up your regular snack routine with something more fun, we've got you covered.

Being stuck at home for this long probably means you’ve been munching on the same old treats, day in and day out. If you’re looking to switch up your regular snack routine for something more fun, here are some exciting and unique goodies you can get from across Canada. And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house! 

#1: Colouring Cookies by Sweetness 

Sweetness is an Edmonton, Alberta based business that makes unique ‘Colouring Cookies’—cookies that come with different designs to be coloured using edible ink markers. It’s not only a sweet treat but doubles as a fun activity, particularly for kids and families! It’s a great art project without any of the mess. Or if there is mess, you can just eat it up! The cookies freeze well and the edible ink markers last a long time when cared for properly. You could even use them to colour eggs, toast, or any kind of food your heart desires!

Sweetness ships across Canada – and have been getting customers from Victoria to Nunavut, Montreal, Fredericton and everywhere in-between. These make a perfect gift or a great item to have on hand for an emergency activity if kids say they’re bored! 

#2: Butter Tarts Subscription Box by Carla’s Cookies 

There’s no more Canadian treat than butter tarts. And what’s more Canadian than signing up for a monthly butter tart subscription box! That means every month you save 15%! Carla Brizzi is a gourmet butter tart maker based in Ontario. Her butter tarts are so popular, she sells them in 3-month or 6-month butter tart subscription boxes! She’s got a lot of different flavours, from plain to pecan, raisin or Nutella, even cheesecake butter tarts or salted caramel tarts. Using Ontario Maple Syrup, brown sugar, eggs, and of course, a lot of butter, all stirred by hand. There are even gluten free butter tarts! These tarts are award-winning and she’s shipping across Canada and the U.S. 

If you’re interested, she’s also running a Mothers Against Drunk Driving fundraiser through her online shop as well, in honour of her late brother. So, you can order delicious tarts and add-on for an important cause. 



#3: Smash Cakes by Break Me PLZ 

Break Me PLZ is a chocolate smash cake shop based in Montreal. They say are the first in Canada to create this new concept of chocolate smash cakes, also known as piñata cakes because of the treats that spill out when you break them! This style of cake is gaining popularity through popular videos shared on TikTok. So if you’re ordering these now—you’ll be ahead of the trend! If you order their DIY Smash Cake kits you become the cake maker—choosing colour, cake decoration, and whatever candies, chocolates, treats, messages, or other surprises you’d like to put inside the cake. 

Smash cakes are a unique way of sharing an important moment in your life. The excitement of discovering what’s inside the cakes is always magical. The best part is everything is edible, so these are unique and zero-waste. Have fun letting out a little pent-up energy with your smash, then eat it for weeks to come. 

#4: Vegan “Meats” by The Very Good Butchers 

There’s a new butcher on the block – and they butcher a little differently. Victoria-based “The Very Good Butchers” believe in butchering beans, not animals! They’re on a mission to show that making good choices doesn’t mean sacrificing flavour, so they’ve created a pretty cool business around making plant-based eating as approachable, nutritious and delicious as possible. It’s good for people, animals and the planet and it doesn’t LOOK any different from what you’d expect to buy from a regular butcher. 

In their Big Box of Plant Based Meat, you get Very Good Burgers, Smoking Burgers, Smoking Bangers, Taco Stuffers, BBQ Jackfruit, vegan ribs, and pepperoni. They also have vegan charcuterie or products that they sell individually. You can also access their Very Good recipes, which include lasagna, soup, burgers, and omelets that have bean-based substitutes for meat. 


#5: Alcohol-free Spirits by Sexy AF Spirits 

If you don’t drink much, you know that sometimes you feel like the odd one out at parties or events. All social gatherings seem to cater to those who do drink. That’s the need addressed by Sexy AF Spirits, a Calgary Alberta based business. They make handcrafted, non-alcoholic spirits using only the finest botanicals and natural ingredients, presented in a way that doesn’t make you feel like that odd person out! The “AF” in Sexy AF stands for “Alcohol Free!”

Sexy AF sells 4 unique alcohol-free spirits: ViirGiin, Triple Sexy, AperTease and Amar-oh. All are designed to be bold, sexy, sophisticated, and alcohol free. They’re also plant based, vegan, kosher, allergen, sugar and gluten free! You really wouldn’t be able to the tell the difference, cocktails made from their alcohol-free spirits look and taste amazing! Whether you are sober or sober curious, health conscious due to lifestyle or pregnancy, religion, you’re the designated driver or any other reason, this product can help you create fun mocktails and not feel out of place while staying sober.