How To Give Your Tech A Thorough Spring Cleaning

Most of us have already started cleaning the house and kitchen - but did you know you should also be cleaning your tech?

It’s finally spring and that usually means spring cleaning. Most of us have already started cleaning the house and kitchen, but did you know you should also be cleaning your tech? Here’s what to clean and how to do it, and a few fun new tech ideas as a bonus!

Spring Cleaning Your Tech

Our phones, tablets and computers tend to accumulate digital garbage like our homes accumulate physical garbage. Here’s what to do to refresh the devices you have and make them feel brand-new. Make room for photos and videos by getting an app that removes duplicates from your device, helping to clean out the clutter. If you wanted to start out completely anew, you could backup your device’s memory to a computer or internet cache before deleting the files from your phone. You want to make sure you do this right and don’t lose any memories!

A fun idea is to take the best photos of the year and make an album out of them to keep.

Now that you know how to clean out your existing tech, here are some fun ideas for new tech gadgets to enhance your life.

The Colour Sensor App

If you’re looking to refresh the space around you, this Hamilton-based company has got you covered. Digby Paints has a fresh way of helping you paint without ever going into a paint store! Their colour sensor gadget and app will help you identify any colour you like and give you a matching colour from Digby Paints. The online support comes with a visualizer tool, a paint calculator and a live chat!

This gadget is great for those who want to revamp their space without ever having to set foot in a store.

A Long-Lasting Portable Speaker

This is a new portable offering from Sonos called Sonos Move. It works using Wifi or Bluetooth technology, and provides up to 11 hours of great sound. It comes with a set of features including Google Assistant, IP56 and Bluetooth syncing. 

This is a perfect tool for facilitating those outdoor gatherings!

Virtual Game Night! 

Virtual Game Night is an app designed to host online game nights for friends and family! This app lets you play everything from Pictionary, decode the emoji, a virtual game night and more! The app offers a free trial for a week – perfect for spring break! If you love it, you can subscribe after.

Travel from the comfort of your own home… in VR! 

With the evolution of VR technology, we can now go anywhere from our couch! Beautiful locations like The Louvre, Yosemite National Park and Hawaii are all available for virtual tours. This is a great way to travel-by-proxy while we’re all house-bound.