How To Style Your Online Fashion Purchases

Shopping online? Learn how to pair different items flawlessly.

We’ve all been hit with rotating retail closures over the past year, which has forced many of us to shop online for many items. But when it comes to buying clothing, how do we pull an outfit together when you may be buying items from numerous brands. Stylist Lynn Spence shares her insight.

It’s really hard to imagine items working together so you could be left with a bunch of random pieces that don’t make an outfit. We shopped online and pulled some items (pictured below). There’s a great trench, some pants, a blazer, some tops…basic items that you might have in your wardrobe right now.

Look #1: 

This trench style coat has stretch, side slits, and most importantly, it’s lined, which makes a much better garment. Layered a stretchy white shirt under a semi sheer shell and finished with a stretchy piped pant. You could wear the trench as a dress, with a wider belt and the pants would work with just the white shirt and blazer.

Alternative Look #1:

Women should think of this coat as a jacket also, love it with the shell and the flirty skirt /short because the look is a bit sexier and could be worn with a sexy date night sandal.

Look #2: 

Sporty toppers done in dressier fabrics, and the pastel mix makes this look a feminine choice. Dress it up with a white mock neck, rather than a tee shirt and fluid white pants, which by the way are from the Tracy Moore by Freda TSC (Today’s Shopping Choice) collection.


Alternative Look #2:

The colourful alternative to look 2 works great as the fuchsia jersey tunic pairs so well with the pants and wrap which offers you an effortlessly elegant choice.

Look #3:

The next look is all about styling classic pieces. A great blazer is definitely a wardrobe staple.  This blazer is lined, double breasted, stretchy longer, shaped and it is priced right. Add some gold buttons to it for an extra pop. Paired with a sleeveless gingham shirt and a pair of designer denims, all excellent staples.

Alternative Look #3:

By replacing the jeans with slim white pants, the outfit can take you just about anywhere. Anyone can shop online!