Create Four Design Destinations On One Balcony

Create your own staycation!

For anyone out there considering it, it’s time to Reclaim your Balcony! Take back that space. It doesn’t have to be filled with foldable, cheap furniture or be an outdoor storage area anymore.
Secondly- Break it up! If you have the space create zones or what I like to call DESTINATIONS or quick-change spaces.

1st Destination: Light Dining Area 

This client’s style is very minimal and contemporary with a love for plants. Inside the house is all black and white with lots of green plants. So, we decided to create the spaces as an extension of the home.

This Light Dining area has soft seating and benches that provide function and form, making it easy for you and/or your guests (when those are allowed!) Perfect for a sunrise breakfast or to just lounge. This was created using furniture from IKEA.

Now what’s very important when renovating any Balcony Area is to start with the foundation: Flooring! Concrete floors stain doesn’t weather well, and they don’t provide the warmth or atmosphere required to make the space inviting.

The vendor we partnered with for the balcony tiles was Outdoor Floors (IG: @outdoorfloors). It’s very important to select your flooring carefully. Drainage, durability, and as maintenance free as possible. I recommend composite flooring. It comes in various colours, it’s durable and long-lasting. It’s worth the investment to make.

2nd Destination: Full-Sun Area 

The next area is a Full-Sun Area, and this space does get rising sun. Comfortable seating, air circulation and a side table to hold your cold drinks on a hot day. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the weather. This space is designed for the full-day sunbather, the balcony does wrap around and this area does not have much depth, so these low backed rocking chairs are the perfect style!

Ikea has supplied the furniture in the set-up pictured below:

Another important thing to note is that balcony furniture must be weighted, otherwise it can shift or get blown off the balcony. If storage is a problem and you would like the option to leave everything outside all year long, furniture covers extend the lifespan of any balcony investment. Plus, all balcony items need to be able to withstand the elements, otherwise you’ll be painting every season, or, worse, replacing.

3rd Destination: Workout Area 

Mirrors, yoga mat, dumbbells and an outdoor speaker are ideal for any workout area, but you need to make sure you have enough room to move around (at least 150 sq. ft.). This is the perfect place to stretch or workout and enjoy a nice summer breeze while doing so.

4th Destination: Lounge Area 

A sectional or lounge seating option is the key to creating a cozy zone. This zone uses the same type of seating as pictured in the small dining area, but puts the seating together couch-style.  Looking for a retreat or a place to entertain close friends and family? Perfect for late night cocktails or just to relax!