The Best Phone Cases And Accessories For Your Lifestyle

Protect your tech!

How many times have you dropped your phone today? It happens to all of us. We slowly pick up our phone and pray the screen isn’t cracked.

When you are buying phone accessories you should ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Am I tough with my phone?
  2. Do I want a screen protector?
  3. Where do I take my phone?

It is important when considering a phone case what you need from cases, screen protection to case accessories such as a wallet or pop socket. To make it easier I have chosen the phone accessories you will need based on your lifestyle!

1. The Clumsy Dropper

For the clumsy dropper you will need:

  • glass screen protectors
  • Crystal Palace case with antibacterial coating

2. For Those Always On The Go

If you are always running around and your phone needs to be charged here are some products for you!

  • MagSafe Battery
  • Car magnet
  • Fast chargers for Android phones

3. The Frequent Flyer

As we are slowly starting to get back into travel, these accessories are perfect for allowing you to stay adventurous and your phone charged.

  • MagSafe wallet case
  • Zagg Qi charger with a pop-up stand

4. Sticky Fingers

If your little ones are constantly on your device here is a perfect product to prevent that sticky shine buildup:

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