4 Ways to Effortlessly Style a Button Down Shirt

The most versatile piece in your closet!

The button-down is arguably the most versatile piece you can own. Don’t believe me? I will prove it to you!

Button downs come in all kinds of shapes and colours. They are easy to layer with and dress up and down. I’m obsessed with button-down shirts, so I’m going to show you 4 ways you can wear them!

Outfit 1: Check out the men’s section (or your partner’s closet)

Who says that every piece of clothing you buy has to come from the women’s section? You will be very surprised at all the great button-ups you will find in the men’s section at your favourite department store or even thrift store.

I have this menswear shirt that I got at value village or, as I like to call it, “VV boutique”. It’s a bit oversized which I don’t mind at all, and you can pair it with a cute t-shirt or cami underneath. If you wanted something more fitted, I also have this menswear shirt that I got from Zara and I paired it with a cute pair of H&M jeans.

Outfit 2: Wear it off the shoulder

Another easy way to make a button-down feel fun in the evening is by undoing a few of the top buttons of the shirt and sliding it off your shoulders. Do a half-tuck into your favourite pair of jeans and call it a night. Add a cute camisole or turtleneck underneath the button-down and accessorize. This Complete look is from Zara’s fall collection.

Outfit 3: Layer it

There are so many different ways to layer a button-down shirt. Not to mention, it automatically adds so much interest to your look by introducing more textures to it. Plus, it gives you a sophisticated look. Now instead of layering a sweater or jacket over your button-down, why not take that button-down and put it over a nice slip dress for a real high fashion look. This leopard print Zara dress is my fave and you can either put the blue shirt or this black shirt over it. Add some killer boots and you’re good to go. This screams high fashion!

Outfit 4: Give it a high fashion upgrade

Speaking of high fashion, the typical white button-up has been elevated to high fashion. Instead of going for a simple white shirt, look for a button-up that has an interesting twist or even a different fabrication. Here we have this green crochet Zara button-up that I’m over the moon for and I paired it with this cute leopard skirt! High fashion to the max. Or you can go for my silky H&M pantsuit look and Tracy, you know we love a pantsuit!