5 Stylish Ways to Rock a Monochromatic Look

Head-to-toe tonal!

We love fashion that makes a statement and what’s a better way to do that, than by rocking a monochromatic look!  Monochromatic looks involve taking different textures but you are staying within the same colour hue. Texture adds dimension to a simple look making monochromatic one of my favourite trends this year.

People usually choose neutrals when wearing monochrome, but over the years we’ve seen bolder, brighter colours being worn from head-to-toe. It may seem like monochromatic outfits take less effort to put together, but they can be pretty tricky to get right, so I’m here to help!

Outfit 1: Monochromatic Forest Green

  • The number one thing to remember when putting together a monochromatic outfit is to play with materials, textures and proportions to add visual interest.
  • The pieces in this look are a very similar colour but incorporate a lot of different textures/materials – adding dimension to the outfit.
  • Hits the chunky boot + faux leather trend.
  • Always consider your proportions – here I chose slim pants to go with the puffier jacket and chunky shoes.


Outfit 2: Monochromatic Rust

  • Monochromatic outfits make a statement. The best part is it can also help you look taller and slimmer because the similar colours help create one seamless line from head to toe.
  • You can also use the different shades in the same colour family to emphasize or minimize parts of your body.

Tip: Lighter shades help emphasize certain body parts, while darker shades can help conceal.

Outfit 3: Monochromatic Maroon

  • Monochrome has been all over the runways and in celeb fashion for a while now – during the 2021 Inauguration, we even saw many attendees wearing monochromatic looks. (This one is inspired by Michelle Obama’s plum outfit.)
  • A power suit is an easy way to pull off monochrome (since you already have two pieces of your look ready)
  • Monochrome doesn’t have to be all solid colours – add something patterned in the same colour family to break up the look.

Outfit 4: Monochromatic Nude

  • When done well, monochromatic outfits make you look classy and put together, especially when you opt for neutral colours.
  • I love cream colours for the fall season
  • For this look, I went with a simple white turtle neck and a skirt with texture.
  • Hits the quilted jacket + faux leather trend.

Outfit 5: Monochromatic Blue

  • A solid, all-black outfit counts as monochromatic but if you’re wanting to make more of a quiet statement or want to wear a colour that’s less harsh, opt for pieces in the navy-blue colour family.
  • Silky skirt, faux snakeskin bag, wool jacket = playing with texture
  • The light blue bag adds a little pop even though it’s the same colour family