The 7 Hottest Toys for the Holiday Season

Exciting toys to add to their wish list this year!

There are so many fun toys out this holiday season. Here is my list of the hottest toys for the holiday season.

For Babies and Toddlers

1. Cry Babies Kiss Me collection by IMC Toys

  • Dolls are dressed in trendy, removable outfits and shoes that allow kids to mix and match for added fun and imaginative play.
  • Cry Babies Kiss Me cry real tears and makes realistic baby sounds.
  • Give them their pacifier or feed them with their personalized baby bottle and they magically stop crying.
  • When kids give their Cry Baby Little Kisses a sweet kiss on the cheek, she’ll stop crying and her cheeks will blush.
  • Ages: 18 MOS+

For 5-Year-Olds:

2. Akedo by Moose Toys

  • Akedo takes a retro gaming look and combines it with kids playing one-on-one battles with small ninja, wizards and warrior figures using skill, force, weapons and shields.
  • Players’ skills, weapons and strategies increase as players move from common to rare and ultra-rare characters.
  • The Arcade Attack Arena brings the world of Akedo to life that emulates an old-school arcade game.
  • Ages: 5+

For Young Scientists:

3. Young Scientists Club Adventure Packs by Horizon Group

  • Kids can experience the ultimate scientific exploration with the Young Scientists Adventure Backpacks.
  • Explore various themed activities including Space Adventures, Dinosaur Adventures, and Nature Adventures.
  • This hands-on educational activity is sure to keep kids engaged and excited about the amazing things that exist in the world around them.
  • Ages: 6+
  • MSRP: $24.99

For 8-Year-Old Gamers

4. Digimon X by Bandai America 

  • Based on the original Digivice that started it all, this new device is back and equipped with tons of new features.
  • Kids can now hatch, raise, feed, and train their digital monsters.
  • Kids can connect any two Digivices in their collection with a friend’s for a victorious battle.
  • Ages: 8+

5. Gamebud Talking Tom by Huge! Play

  • GameBud Talking Tom is the world’s first talking-animatronic streamer that live-connects to mobile games.
  • Entering the homes of families everywhere, this physical streamer will bring never-before-seen, two-way interactions to kids’ favourite gameplay.
  • The GameBud Talking Tom features a unique soundboard to puppet the gaming buddy, with countless two-way experiences to discover in-and-out of the game.
  • Ages: 8+

6. Koosh Double Paddle Set by Playmonster 

  • Kids swing into action with the Koosh Paddle Play Set!
  • With two paddles for twice the fun, the Paddle Play Set works for individual or partner games.
  • Kids can see how high they can bounce the Koosh ball on their own or try and bounce it back and forth with a friend for as long as they can.
  • Ages: 6+

7. HEXMOD Pro Series Elite 

  • Kids can build a racecar with thousands of combinations.
  • A flexible track to configure the track any way they want.
  • Car goes up to 18 MPH.
  • Ages: 14 +

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