4 Ways To Style Your Special Occasion Clothing For Everyday Wear

Make every occasion special!

Many of us have a tendency to save our special closet pieces – many times the ones we’ve splurged on- for a special occasion. I’m here to say NO MORE! Stop saving your best or your prettiest for a special occasion, and make every occasion special.

1. The Suit

With many people working from home meetings aren’t an everyday thing. The pantsuit has been the serious workhorse in our wardrobe for years. The better the fabric, the more serious it became.

Colourful pairings of the same wool can offer so many options, including the workplace, but now the suit stands for personal choice and style and mixing colours that are complementary is a great way to give way more wearability to THE SUIT.

Suit from: Banana Republic 

2. The Little Black Dress

What if I don’t have any reason to wear a black dress these days. The little black dress feels very sober right now, but the dress is fabulous when it makes you feel joy. Velvet, in the past, always meant more formal, but fabrics are so interchangeable now.

Choose something feminine and fun and wear it everywhere, not waiting for a special occasion. Winterize it with a turtle neck and wear it in the spring to any place you choose.

Dress from: Winners

3. Pop of Colour

I think we tend to buy higher-priced items in Black, for longevity. European women are leading the way in fashion when it comes to colour, and I believe colour can be a great investment when the colour is right.

The universal blue that I have chosen is the Television’s choice of colour because it looks beautiful on every skin tone. Wear it anywhere and everywhere, and get your money’s worth.

Outfit from: Toni Plus

4. Sequins

Sequins say Party Wear like no the fabric, but don’t let the lack of a dressy occasion stop you from wearing this. Keep everything else that you wear with the holiday textured fabric more relaxed and on weekends for the best results.

Outfit from: Marshalls