Top Fashion Picks for 2022

2022 has had a rough start, but that doesn’t mean you have to. We want you to feel good in whatever you’re wearing!

2022 has had a rough start, so I really wanted to bring some life and character with these outfits I’ve chosen. The right outfit really makes you feel good!

Styling long skirts:

Longer skirts look more interesting, edgier and can be worn over leggings, or tights to winterize them. Avoid pumps with these and choose casual sneakers or sleek loafers instead. Chunky sweaters or
hoodies with feminine skirts look more youthful and modern.

Example Outfit:

Uniqlo Pleated Skirt

Uniqlo Striped Long Sleeve 

Reitman’s Striped Quarter-zip Sweater

Reitman’s Striped Black Quarter-zip Vest

New work alternatives: 

Choose thinner layers of fleece for a more professional look, and avoid fleece pants with tapered ribbed cuffs to be sleeker. I love safari jackets when they are longer and cover the bottomed can have the option of a belt.

Banana Republic Safari Suit Jacket 

Gap Cloud Light Turtleneck 

Gap Cloud Light Pant 

Affordable luxury cashmere:

Cashmere is my go-to option when I look for a cardigan because it is one of those more affordable luxuries, but choose 2 or 3 ply for a generous weight. It is a great alternative to a jacket and can be worn over a shirt or a silk slip dress. Charcoal trousers are a staple in my wardrobe, classic and richer than black. The better the fabric, the more you will wear them and the longer they will last. I won’t spend lots of money on a collared shirt, but cotton is a must, and going up a size can give your shirt some volume.

Example Outfit:

Athleta Cashmere Cardigan

Old Navy Cotton Shirt

Banana Republic Pants 

Multi-purpose dresses:

I love dresses, but it is difficult to find one that serves a number of different purposes. Hoods, deep side slits and a longer length makes them a favourite for me. You can wear them all year round! Jeans are not an easy fit for me, so I am quite particular about finding a denim with lots of stretch, that is super soft, but not flimsy.

Example Outfit:

H&M Quilted Jacket 

Marla Wynne Sateen Power Stretch Denim