Pie cake

Pie-le up the delicious goodness of your favorite baked treats!


  • 4-6 pies 2/3 sizes use pies with thicker baked fillings like apple, peach, blueberry rather than something light like lemon or rhubarb


  1. Place same sized cakes on top of each other making sure the surface of each pie is as flat as possible.
  2. Use a dowel and measure and cut the height of the stacked pies. Dowel will likely only be needed for the base pie(s).
  3. Sink three or four dowels into the larger base pie(s) and top with cake board.Place smaller diameter pies on top of cake board.
  4. To finish, dust with icing sugar, add some flowers or wrap base of the pies with a decorative bow. Enjoy!
  5. Best assembled cold or room temperature. Do not assemble with warm pie.