Espresso-infused tagliatelle

Coffee lover? This is the recipe for you!


Squash Puree

Cooking the pasta


Preparing the pasta

  1. Prepare the pasta by placing the flour in a bowl and adding the eggs, oil and coffee ground.
  2. Mix until you have a smooth dough ball. Rest for at least ½ hour.
  3. Roll the pasta out with your machine to a 16th of an inch thick and cut into 6” x 12” sheets.
  4. Cut into fettuccine or tagliatelle shape and set aside until needed.



  1. Cut the squash into cubes and place on a baking dish, make sure they are relatively snug. Dress with the salt, pepper, honey, butter and olive oil, cover with tin foil and bake at 350F for about 30 minutes or until the squash is fork tender.
  2. Cool the squash and place in a blender, puree until creamy and if needed add a little water, season to taste and reserve warm until needed.


To cook and serve the pasta

  1. Preheat on low heat a skillet and add some of the butter.
  2. Plunge the pasta into the boiling water and cook for a few minutes to your liking, reserve some pasta water on the side.
  3. Strain the pasta and place into the skillet, add a little pasta water, add the remaining cold butter and a spoonful of grated parmigiano and toss on low heat to make it creamy, add the Stracciatella and toss quickly and immediately remove from heat.
  4. Spread some hot squash puree on a plate and place a good amount of pasta on top of it, sprinkle the hazelnuts and a sprinkle of coffee grounds, serve immediately.