Sweet potato Asian bao

A satisfying sweet potato & Asian Bao bun recipe

2 hrs
2 hrs 22 min


Sweet Potato




Bao Dough

  1. In a small bowl, add yeast with sugar and 1 tbsp warm water to dissolve.  
  2. Mix and allow to sit for a few minutes to fully activate.
  3. In a large mixing bowl, mix flour, sugar, oil, milk and water.  
  4. Next, add yeast and mix all contents together.  If the dough seems dry, add a little water at a time if required.
  5. On a clean, dry counter service, dust with flour and scrap all dough out of the mixing bowl onto the surface.  
  6. Knead with your hands for 10-12 minutes or until dough is smooth in consistency.  
  7. Transfer to a lightly oiled bowl and cover with a damp towel.  
  8. Leave off to side for 1-2 hours to rise or until double in size.
  9. On same clean service, transfer risen dough and proceed to knead for another 3-5 minutes towards flattening the dough.  At this point, you can utilize a rolling pin to assist in the process.
  10. Now hand roll and shape into a long tube to around 1 inch thick.  
  11. With a dull knife begin to cut 1 inch pieces off the dough tube.  It should yield 10-12 portions.
  12. Now take each piece into the palm of your hand and roll them into dough balls.  Once all balled, leave off to the side and allow for 5 minutes for dough balls to rest.
  13. With a rolling pin or something similar, roll each ball out into a round disk about 1 ½ inch thick.  
  14. Lightly brush the upside of each dough disc with oil and then fold over like a half moon.
  15. Place each half-moon dough piece on individually shaped parchment paper and transfer to a baking tray.  
  16. Once all the dough is transferred, take a large piece of plastic wrap and lightly oil one side and cover over top (oil side down) the dough.  Leave off in a warm space for approximately 1 hour or until dough has doubled in size.
  17. In a steaming pot, bring water to boil and reduce to medium.  Steam buns for 7-8 minutes or until they have puffed up and moistened. 
  18.  This steaming step should be done as close to the time you intend to assemble and serve your bao sandwiches.


  1. Slice cucumbers into round disks, daikon into ½ inch julienne sticks.  
  2. Carrots can be shaved with your peeler to make long peel strands.  
  3. Add all pickling ingredients into a sealing container and mix.  
  4. Once thoroughly dissolved, add vegetables to pickling solution.  
  5. Cover and refrigerate for minimum 48 hours (this should be done in advance).


  1. Mix mayo and chili paste, cover and refrigerate

Sweet Potato

  1. Slice sweet potato into round discs approximately 1/3 inch in thickness and soak in warm water for 10 minutes.  
  2. Rinse and drain dry.  
  3. Mix all batter ingredients in a mixing bowl and prepare dredging station.  Note, custard powder is very dense and sets fairly fast.  Constant mixing is required before dredging.  
  4. In a deeper saute pan or pot, add oil for frying at high heat. 
  5.  Dredge sweet potato discs in batter and drop in frying oil and cook for 5-6 minutes until golden brown and floating to service.  Remove and rest to drain.
  6. To assemble, open baos, place sweet potato followed by a dollop of spicy mayo then layer pickles and garnish with cilantro.