Easy cavatelli from scratch

Intimidated to make fresh pasta at home? This from scratch recipe is one anyone can pull off.

45 min
24 hrs 45 min


What you’ll need:

Deep pot


Pastry scraper

Gnocchi board


  1.  In a large mixing bowl, combine 400g (2 3/4 cups) and 225g (1 cup) of warm water. Mix by hand in the bowl until a dough forms.
  2. Once all the loose flour has all come together into the dough, remove the dough and knead until dough is smooth.
  3. Wrap dough tightly in cling film and refrigerate for 24 hrs.
  4. Remove dough from refrigerator 1 hour before making pasta.
  5. Cut strips of dough and roll out horizontally into long 1⁄2 inch thick tubes. Cut along the tube every 1/2 inch.
  6. Roll with thumb on Gnocchi board.
  7. Place on a sheet tray, dust with extra flour and reserve for cooking.


  1. Over high heat bring a large pot of boiling water up to a rolling simmer.
  2. Heat olive oil & garlic together in a sauce pan over med heat until garlic begins to slightly turn golden.
  3. Add in canned tomatoes, 2 bay leaves & 2 peelings of orange rind.
  4. While sauce is simmering cook pasta in salted boiling water.
  5. Once pasta has come to float at the top, strain and reserve some cooking liquid.
  6. Add fresh pasta to tomato sauce and allow to simmer. Add some pasta cooking water as needed.
  7. Plate pasta and finish with grated Ricotta Salata & a spoon full of pesto Genovese.