The Perfect Pride Party Sandwich

"When I think of Pride, I think of the spice of life!"

20 min
20 min
6 servings

When I think of pride, I think of the spice of life! This sandwich is full of colour, flavour and heat, just like the spirit of pride.




  1. Cut baguette lengthwise and slather bread with goat cheese.
  2. Layer pickle slices, red cabbage, baby arugula, smoked gouda, salami and tomato onto bottom half; season tomato with salt and pepper. Sandwich with top half.
  3. Wrap strips of parchment paper around width of sandwich and secure with festive rainbow ribbon and/or twine, separating the sandwich into 6 segments.
  4. Slice sandwich into 6 portions. Decorate with pride stickers.

Chef's Tip:

To make Sriracha Whipped Goat Cheese, combine 250 g goat cheese, 2 tbsp warm water and 2 tbsp Sriracha; whip until smooth.