Happy Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day, and eco-expert Julia Grieve has little ways to be a BIG help to our planet. Shobana Lakkavally shows you how to reduce your beauty footprint, while Pay Chen shares ideas to green your wellness routine. Joy McCarthy explains how “you are what you eat” translates to our planet as well, while teen water warrior Autumn Peltier shares her fight for clean drinking water in Canada’s Indigenous communities.

Toys, toys, toys!

Toys, toys, toys! Laurie Shacht has the coolest new gadgets for fun in the sun. Then, Brent Bishop shares runner training techniques to help you hit the ground running. Bryce Wylde has natural solutions to help your skin glow from the inside out, and the outside in! Plus, Dr. Marjorie Dixon shares insights on the trauma Black women face in fertility and pregnancy.

It’s our Gardening Special!

It’s our Cityline Gardening Special and we have so mulch to cover! Carson Arthur has the 101 on raised beds to elevate your garden, while Frankie Flowers talks landscaping: what to D.I.Y., and what to leave to the pros! A 16-year-old tomato expert shares her extensive knowledge, while Micheal Lambie shares patio furniture inspo to turn your garden into a stylish oasis. Speaking of stylish, Monique Taylor Yee-Shui is showing us her D.I.Y. backyard transformation!

At-home teeth whitening treatments put to the test!

Pasta from SCRATCH! Chef Rob Gentile shows us how easy going homemade can be. Speaking of easy, Janice Meredith has a lesson on creating the perfect capsule wardrobe – it’s simpler than you think. Then, Vivian Kaye is sharing her keys to successful personal branding online, while Nike O’Nile reveals how to turn your bedroom into a sleepy, serene sanctuary. Plus, a dentist weighs in on at-home teeth whitening treatments after our producers put them to the test!

A Feng Shui-friendly work-from-home environment.

Auto expert Stephanie Henry is test driving electric cars and explains the pros and cons. Chef Randy Feltis is putting today’s recipe in viewers hands and letting them choose what he cooks. Andrea Donsky reveals the “ultra” processed foods you might have in your daily diet. A Feng Shui master tells us how to set up our home office for the best work environment. Bahar Niramwalla reveals the 5 ageless beauty trends for 2021. Plus, we talk to three women who are ditching the idea of the “perfect” man and why they are single and perfectly happy!