5 2020 Style Trends That Will Outlive The Pandemic

These looks, made by Canadian designers, rose in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic - and will remain far long after it ends.

In the fashion world, there has been a lot of talk about how fashion will look on the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic. After so many months of staying home, people are changing the way they dress – and it looks like isolation fashion might continue long after lockdown!

We’re actually getting a summer, even if it’s a physically distanced summer. And with summer weather comes summer fashions. So Janielle shared with us cool summer trends from Toronto Designers that you can wear to that date night in the back yard, that Zoom interview, or to a small gathering with closest friends! 

The jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is a staple all year round. It’s versatile and it works for any occasion. She showed us two jumpsuits that are chic and both designs are size-inclusive. 

This blue one is a convertible jumpsuit by “Cherith B”. A convertible jumpsuit has straps that you can manipulate and tie any way you want. Janielle twisted the straps to the back while creating a beautiful design at the back and bring it back to the front. Paired with a platform from Studio D, this piece is a great date night look or a nice “wine down” look a small group of friends!

If you want something a bit more covered up or maybe you have that important video chat meeting there’s the short sleeve jumpsuit option by Israella KOBLA. This option screams sophistication! The top part gives you a summer fresh look and the bold detail at the bottom yells style. And of course, the exposed back is just the right touch of sexy! 

Cigarette pants

Now if you didn’t want to do a jumpsuit, there’s a  cigarette pant option also from Israella KOBLA. Paired with an oversized white shirt and belt to give your body some shape and these adorable flats from Dr. Liza shoes make for a chic look. 

For the man

To the men out there, this one’s for you! Janielle, being a menswear specialist had to add guys to the party and the designer, Rhowan James, is also size-inclusive! Now, the golf shirt Janielle showed isn’t an ordinary golf shirt. The mustard yellow with the white and red accents will definitely make you feel good during this time and you totally stand out in the small crowd. It also comes in white too if you’re looking for something less bold! She paired the red golf shirt white shorts and cool low top sneakers from House of Hayla. This shoe is actually unisex and comes in white and black for men. And get this, they also have shoes for babies too!

Blue light filter lenses

You’re probably wondering, “what’s so good about these glasses?”. We are spending so much time looking at our cellphone, tablets or computers and studies have shown that blue light exposure may cause eye strain, headaches and sleep disruption. These frames prevent that from happening and they are also sleek and stylish too. 

The mask

With all these great fashions and the world coming back to a somewhat normal, it’s important to remember that the virus is still out there and we need to protect ourselves. Many designers have decided to make a mask that can help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and they definitely have become the new fashion accessory. Janielle showed us two beautiful styles for women by Precious Threads By Abiola. The straps tie at your head and at the back of your neck. And lastly, the sleek mask styles for men and women from Mike Paul Atelier who is bespoke, are made to measure and ready to wear designer. 

Fashion Encyclopedia

  • The jumpsuit was originally created in 1919 as a functional garment for parachuters
  • “Cigarette” pants got their name because their slim fit through the legs was likened to the cylindrical shape of a cigarette. They first became popular in the 1950s. 

Fashion Pro Tips

  • Convertible clothing is a budget-friendly & environmentally-friendly way to satisfy our desires for a varied wardrobe 
  • Mustard yellow is a less-flashy alternative to classic yellow and is closer to a neutral hue which makes it more versatile 
  • Protection, but make it fashion! Turn your face mask into a style statement