50 decadent summer desserts: From frozen treats, to fruity delights, and chocolate faves

Is there any better way to end an amazing summer party than with a delicious dessert? We sure don't think so!

Is there any better way to end an amazing summer party than with a delicious dessert? We sure don’t think so! Whether you’re looking for a treat to cool you off on a blistering hot day, a dish to showcase your fresh summer fruits, or you’re just craving something chocolatey, we’ve got you covered with our favourite summer dessert recipes.

jun27-icecreamsandwichIce cream and other frozen treats:

Strawberry and watermelon creamy yogurt pops

Lemon semifreddo

Latin sundaes

Homemade ice cream sandwiches

Frozen strawberry yogurt

Strawberry-watermelon limoncello pops

Jeni’s dark chocolate & rye whiskey ice cream

Banana chocolate chip “ice cream”

Brownie ice cream sandwiches

Local strawberry and balsamic pops

jul17-galetteBerry goodness:

Blueberry shortcakes

Summer berry cupcakes

Blueberry & oats for dessert

Very berry galette

Cherry crumble coffee cake

Habanero balsamic glazed berry & lemon custard tart

Strawberries and cream

Berry bliss pudding

Raspberry fool

Mini jumbleberry pies

Fresh fruit pavlova

Strawberry, rhubarb and mascarpone crepes

Pimm’s cup jellies

sep4-plumcakePeaches, cherries, and more — the best stone fruit recipes:

No-bake peach and almond tartlets

Cinnamon, basil and honey roasted peaches

Peach and creme fraiche cheesecake

Grilled peach melba

Peach shortcakes

Individual peach crisps

Baked peaches with Frangelico

Peach and cherry clafoutis

Peach and frangipane tart

Plum cake

Italian plum sponge bake

Niagara fruit crepe

Rustic apricot galette

Peach melba icy delight

dec19-cupcakesChocolate, chocolate, chocolate!:

Chilled chocolate-espresso torte with toasted hazelnut crust

Guilt-free chocolate mousse

Slow-cooker chocolate pudding cake

Flourless chocolate torte

Chocolate hazelnut pavé

The ultimate chocolate-chip cookie

Double-chocolate espresso cake

Chocolate zucchini brownies

S’mores chocolate layer cake

Peanut butter chocolate balls

Triple chocolate brownie cookies

Chocolate muffins with vanilla marshmallow frosting

Gluten-free chocolate fudge cake

What’s your fave summer dessert? We’d love to hear what you’re making this season — let us know in the comments!